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What Is A High Strength Bolt?

Jun. 18, 2019

As a Rail Spike Manufacturer, let's share with you information about high-strength bolts. High-strength bolts are high-strength bolts and belong to a standard part. High-strength bolts are mainly used in steel structure engineering to connect the connection points of steel structural steel sheets.

High-strength bolts are divided into torsional shear high-strength bolts and large hexagonal high-strength bolts. Large hexagonal high-strength bolts are high-strength grades of ordinary screws, while torsion-shear high-strength bolts are improved of large hexagonal high-strength bolts for better construction.

Railway Fastening System

The construction of high-strength bolts must be tightened immediately after initial tightening. The impact-type electric wrench or torque-adjustable electric wrench is required for the initial tightening of high-strength bolts. The final tight high-strength bolts have strict requirements, and the final tight-twisting high-strength bolts must be used. Torsional shear type electric wrench, torque type electric wrench must be used for the final tightening type high strength bolt.

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