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What are the Common Railway Accessories?

Apr. 20, 2020

There are many types of railway accessories, which are roughly divided into three categories of accessories, each of which has its special existence. Now we will tell you about it by the professional railway accessories manufacturer-Track Bolt China Exporter. The track rail accessories include rails, sleepers, connecting parts, fish plates, backing plates and bushings. As an integrated engineering structure, the Railway Fastening System plays a guiding role in train operation on the roadbed and directly bears the huge pressure of rolling stock and its load. Under the power of train operation, its various components must have sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the train operates safely, smoothly, and uninterruptedly at the maximum speed specified.

Hex Bolt

Hex Bolt

The first is the railway rail connection accessories, one is the connection accessories of the same side rail, and the other is the connection accessories between the parallel rails. Commonly used connection accessories between parallel steel rails are gauge rods, gauges, and other link accessories. The general gauge tie rod is a common rail connection fitting in railway accessories. In special cases, an insulated gauge tie rod is required. The rail clamp is an indispensable accessory in the connection of railway tracks, which is used for the connection between rails and rails.

The second is railway track products, one is railway steel rails, and the other is large turnouts, turnout cores and other products in railway tracks. The laying of railway rails is the basic configuration in railway transportation, and it is used during the laying and installation of railway tracks.

Finally, there are fixed accessories for railway tracks. Generally, there are railway spike products with simple structure and slightly more complicated rail presser products and accessories. Commonly used railway spikes include spiral spikes, wooden thread spikes, and ordinary spikes. Occasionally, some road sections will use railway spikes with different nail caps or nail bodies. Rail press is also called welding rail press. It is used according to different rails and turnouts. Common rail presses include 30kg rail press, qu70 rail press, qu80 rail press, qu120 rail press, etc. .

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