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What should I do if Anchor Bolt is Broken?

Apr. 07, 2020

As a fastener, Anchor Bolt's main function is to fix the machine on the ground. Due to its strong stability, anchor bolts are often used in bridges, mines, railways, highways, power companies, cement plants, automobiles, motorcycles, tower cranes, boiler steel structures, large-span steel structures, and large buildings. Although the function of anchor bolt is very strong, it can also be applied in different fields. But in the process of application, various failures will occur due to various reasons. So, what should I do after the local bolt is broken?

Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt

1. Cut the concrete around the anchor bolt into a groove with a depth of 150-200mm at the root.

2. Processing the anchor bolts, the prepared anchor bolts of the same diameter are welded into a 45 degree chamfer, the center is 5mm, and the anchor bolts in the concrete are smoothed with an angle grinder to remove cracks.

3. Align the anchor bolts first, use the welding rod to manually weld the welding port, weld the two anchor bolts layer by layer, and insulate the welding port with insulation material after welding. In addition, in order to protect the quality of the welding seam, each welding layer is polished with an angle grinder to remove the coating and defective welding meat, to avoid slag inclusions and internal defects in the welding seam.

4. Welding of the upper and lower grooves, or after the butting, add two larger one type of anchor bolts at the welding place of the upper and lower anchor bolts, and weld them to death.

Anchor bolts are prone to deviations in verticality. If there are deviations in the anchor bolts during installation, what measures should we take to correct them? Today Rail Spike Manufacturer introduces you to several methods of correcting deviations.

1. After inspection and measurement, if the vertical stiffness of the anchor bolts for water purchase is very small, it should be adjusted when the concrete curing strength reaches 75%. You can use a hammer to knock and support until the correct vertical position.

2. For displacement bolts or anchor bolts that do not know the fork is too large, you can use steel chisels around it to find the appropriate depth of the concrete, and then cut it with gas cutting, according to the specified length, diameter, size and the same material after processing Lap welding the previous section, and corresponding compensation measures must be taken to achieve the specified position and verticality.

3. For some anchor bolts with relatively large displacement deviations, in addition to the lap welding method, under the allowed conditions, the expansion of the base plate aperture sidewall can also be used to adjust the displacement deviation. It should be covered with a self-made thick plate washer and welded and reinforced.

4. Before the grouting of the reserved anchor bolt hole is not shot, when the position deviation in the first retention hole of Luoshan Town is too large, the measure of expanding the reserved hole wall can be used to adjust the exact position of the anchor bolt.

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