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What are the Regulations for Anchoring Spiral Spikes?

Apr. 14, 2020

As a Track Bolt China Exporter, share with you. Spiral spikes are a kind of railway spikes and one of many railway accessories, which play a role in fastening the entire railway track. The importance of spiral spikes is undeniable. Therefore, during daily inspection and maintenance, special attention should be paid to spiral spikes.

What are the regulations for anchoring spiral spikes?

On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the spiral spike is qualified, on the other hand, it is necessary to correctly install the anchor spiral spike. So, what standards should be met when anchoring spiral spikes? The following will summarize and introduce this problem.

Bridge Bolt

Bridge Bolt

1. Spiral spikes are anchored with sulfur cement mortar. The sulfur cement mortar formula and preparation process shall comply with the relevant provisions of the railway track construction and acceptance specifications.

2. Before anchoring, the debris in the reserved holes of the sleepers and the adhesion on the spiral spikes should be removed. Spiral spikes should be dry and their temperature should be kept above 0 ℃.

3. The anchoring method should adopt anti-anchoring, and the spiral spikes are positioned with the mold. The anchoring slurry is injected into the hole from the bottom of the pillow, and it is turned and released from the mold after solidification. When the anchor is being anchored, the bottom of the reserved hole should be blocked tightly to prevent slurry leakage. After the anchor slurry is injected into the hole from the pillow surface, the spiral dowel should be rotated slowly and vertically inserted and positioned. The temperature when the sulfur cement mortar is injected into the hole should not be lower than 130 ° C, and it should be prevented from segregation. One hole is filled at a time. The grouting depth should be 20mm longer than the length of the screw spike inserted into the hole. The surface is flat, and the spilled residue should be removed and leveled after solidification.

4. Spiral spikes should be perpendicular to the groove surface of the bearing rail, and the skew should not be greater than 2 °. The intersection point of the middle line of the spike and the surface of the bearing groove shall deviate from the center of the reserved hole by no more than 2mm. The bottom of the round table of the spike shall be higher than the surface of the bearing groove, but not more than 2mm.

These are some issues to be noted when anchoring spiral spikes. Only in this way can the correct and reasonable application of spiral spikes fully exert the fastening effect of spiral spikes and ensure the integrity of railway turnouts.

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