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Method And Principle Of Fastening Bolts

Apr. 25, 2019

As a Railway Tie Plate Supplier, we have the following recommendations for bolt fastening methods.

1. Before connecting the bolts, make sure that the parameters such as the pitch, shape and direction of the bolts are in accordance with the parameters;

2. Thoroughly clean the sludge, carbon deposit, coolant or oil in the bolt hole before tightening, check whether the thread is intact, and whether the bolt is elongated;

3. When tightening the bolt, it should be tightened according to the torque specified in the instruction manual. If there is no regulation, the tightening torque is reasonably determined according to the diameter of the bolt;

4. When disassembling the cylinder head bolts, it must be carried out after the engine is completely cooled. When disassembling, follow the principle of “smoothly loosening from the two sides to the middle diagonal direction” to prevent the cylinder head from warping and deforming;

Rail Anchor Bolt

5. When the same part is fastened with multiple bolts, it should be tightened step by step according to the shape of the connected parts and the distribution of the bolts in a certain order (generally 2~3 times tightening). If there is a positioning pin, it should be close to the positioning pin. The bolt starts;

6. When tightening the square or circular array of nuts, they must be symmetric;

7. When tightening the set of nuts arranged in a rectangular shape, start from the middle and gradually expand symmetrically to both sides.

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