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What Are The Common Treatment Methods For Anchor Bolt? 1

May. 07, 2019

As a Rail Fishplate Manufacturer, let's share with you several common treatments for anchor bolts.

1. The loosening of the anchor bolts in the foundation.

When the bolt is loose, the bolt should be knocked back to the original position, and the basic hole should be shovel into a large shape with a small size at both ends. Then, the two round steels are welded on the bolt, and the pit is rinsed and grouted with water, and solidified. Then tighten the bolts.

Anchor Bolt

2. Treatment of center deviation.

When the anchor Bolt has a diameter of less than 30 mm and the center deviation is within (10~30) mm, the bolt is burned red with an oxyacetylene flame, and the steel plate is bent with a sledge hammer to prevent the bolt from being tightened when the bolt is tightened. When the bolt diameter is larger than 30mm and the deviation is large, the bolt can be cut and welded with a steel plate in the middle of the bolt. If the strength of the Anchor Bolt is not enough, two steel plates can be welded on both sides of the bolt. The length of the reinforcing steel plate should be 3 to 4 times the diameter of the bolt.