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What Are The Common Treatment Methods For Anchor Bolt? 2

May. 13, 2019

As an Anchor Bolt China Exporter, we continue to discuss common treatments for anchor bolts.

3. The height of the anchor bolt is unqualified

(1) When the bolt is low and the difference is less than 15mm, the bolt can be burned red with an oxyacetylene flame and then elongated.

The lengthening method is: erecting a square steel plate with holes in the middle of the two stacked pads and fitting them on the anchor bolts, and tightening with a non-standard nut and torque on the two sides, thereby pulling the red portion of the bolts and pulling the bolts When the difference is more than 15mm, a deep pit can be dug around it, the bolt is cut at about 100mm from the bottom of the pit, and a new non-standard bolt made of the same diameter is welded and reinforced with two iron rods. The length of the iron bar is about 4 to 5 times the diameter of the bolt.

Bridge Bolt

(2) When the anchor bolt is too high, the upper part can be divided to re-thread.

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