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What Are The Cleaning Agents For Fasteners? 1

May. 24, 2019

As a Railway Fastening System Manufacturer, let's share with you what types of fasteners are available.

1. Detergent

The decontamination cleaning agent mainly contains a solvent, a surfactant, and water. Unlike emulsified cleaning agents, it is a pure solution, not an emulsion. It is mainly used for maintenance cleaning of equipment and fastener packaging.

2. Synthetic cleaning agent

The synthetic cleaning agent is also an alkaline cleaning agent, which differs from the standard alkaline cleaning agent in chemical composition, the standard alkaline cleaning agent is substantially inorganic, and the synthetic agent is an organic agent containing an amine-based substance. Standard alkaline cleaners are used to remove alkaline residues from single-stage cleaning and are also good rust inhibitors. Synthetic cleaners are used for moderately difficult cleaning, such as quenching oil or quenching polymer solutions on the surface of fasteners.

Rail Fishplate

3. Alkaline cleaning agent

The alkaline cleaner is a mixture of a builder and an alkaline earth metal salt of a surfactant. It is the most widely used cleaning agent. The pH of the cleaning agent is required to be around 7. The cleaning ingredients of such cleaning agents are hydroxides, silicates, carbonates, phosphates, borates, and organic chelates. Each of the above salts and surfactants is mainly to ensure the cleaning effect, followed by economy.

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