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What Are The Cleaning Agents For Fasteners? 2

Jun. 14, 2019

Railway Fastening System Manufacturer continues to share with you what fastener cleaning agents are.

4. Acid cleaning agent

There are usually organic acids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, citric acid, and acetic acid. For the dephosphorization of high-strength fasteners prior to heat treatment, the first three cleaning processes are currently used, but hydrogen corrosion should be prevented. The acid agent should contain a base acid and a corrosion inhibitor to prevent erosion of the surface of the metal fastener, as well as a surfactant that enhances the scavenging ability. However, in the case of removing metal fasteners such as the general dirt on the Sleeper Screw, an acidic cleaning agent is generally not used, and an alkaline cleaning agent is usually used. It is very effective to clean the special deposits such as scales with acid. The most famous process is acid leaching. In addition to rolling, welding and heat-treating the oxide layer, surface oxides, rust and corrosion products that affect the quality of the plating or oil seal, as well as water-stained deposits, can be removed with acid.

Sleeper Screw

5. Soluble emulsified cleaning agent

Soluble emulsifiers usually consist of emulsifiers, soils, solvents, builders, corrosion inhibitors and small amounts of water. The function of the water is to dissolve the emulsifier, which also dissolves the surface of the fastener while leaving a layer of anti-rust film on the surface of the fastener. The emulsified cleaning agent is a concentrated pure oil product which, after being diluted in water, becomes a white emulsion liquid. The emulsifier and detergent can hold the grease particles and dissolve them into a cleaning agent containing a solvent and an oil.