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Will Surface Treatment Affect the Railway Fastening System?

Apr. 25, 2020

Experts believe that the mechanical properties of Railway Fastening System are related to the materials used to produce hardware fasteners, the parameter setting and forming methods of cold forming, and the heat treatment process control and parameter selection.

Railway Fastening System

Railway Fastening System

The surface treatment has little effect on the mechanical properties of the hardware fasteners, but only solves the appearance or corrosion resistance of the hardware fasteners to extend the service life. However, the editor reminds that the actual situation is not the case. This understanding is a deviation from the standard understanding. If the surface treatment method is not suitable or the operation does not meet the process parameter requirements, it will directly affect the mechanical properties of the hardware fasteners. Surface anti-corrosion performance or appearance. Next, Railway Fastening System Manufacturer will talk about the effect of surface treatment of high-strength fasteners on mechanical properties.

Why are the fasteners hard enough?

As the needs of society increase, and the use of fasteners' performance and quality continues to improve, but many users will ask why some fasteners are still not hard enough? This may be the fasteners after processing There is a defect in the fastener and the hardness of the fastener is not enough.

Why is the hardness of fasteners not enough? The main reasons for Chinese standard parts to tell you are the following:

1. Underheating: The cause of underheating is that the heating temperature is too low or the holding time is insufficient.

2. Overheating: Overheated austenite dissolves excess carbon and alloying elements.

3. Insufficient cooling speed: the workpiece is caused by insufficient cooling speed during quenching or part of austenite and pearlite transformation, because the cooling medium is not properly selected.

4. Improper operation: for example, staying in the water for too short during double-liquid quenching.

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