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A Full Guide Of Rail Tracks And Rail Joint Bar

Aug. 17, 2018

How much do you know about Rail Tracks and Rail Joint Bar? Rail track and rail joint bar are two main parts of railway track system. Rail track provides the basic construction of railway line, Rail Joint Bar is used to connect the rails together with various railroad fasteners like railroad spike, Rail Clip, rail track bolt and nuts, rail pad, Rail Anchor Bolt, and other rail fastenings.

The compromise rail joint is used to connect two types of Rail Tracks.

The compromise rail joint is used to connect two types of rail tracks. Insulated rail joint bar is generally applied to the automatic block district, cut off the electricity. Expansion joint bar is also called rail expansion device, including stock rail and switch rail. Switch rail is fixed and stock rail extend outward, which maintain the rail gauge.

Due to the rusting of surface of Rail Tracks and Rail Joint Plate, resistance of rail connection is large. For reducing the current loss of track circuit, set electric lead on the end of rail track. Currently, conductive contact is connected by the welding to avoid the fatigue strength.

As a weak link of railway track system, rail joint can keep the track geometry, but to some extent it breaks the continuousness of rail track, which shows in the rai gap, step and bevel. 

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